Novel – Killing a Dead Man


Where do I start? I have so many wonderful, talented people to thank over the years.

Firstly, since I started writing Killing a Dead Man when I was finishing my GCSEs, I would like to thank all my English teachers (especially Mrs Suman Suri), for making the lessons so engaging and for pushing my dreams of becoming a writer. I would also like to thank the school Librarian, Marianne Checkland, for believing in my writing (even if I was too afraid to enter a lot of the writing competitions back then!) and for introducing me to so many amazing books. Lastly, I would like to thank my Extra Project Qualification supervisor, Mr Taylor, who happened to be a fantastic science teacher but admitted he knew very little about creative writing! It was in those science labs where I was encouraged to explore the literary market, determine my audience, and research YA fiction.

A huge thank you to all the Creative Writing lecturers who have taught me over the years – especially Jonathan Taylor, Kerry Featherstone, and Rod Duncan. Your workshops, advice and encouragement has not just influenced Killing a Dead Man but has helped me become a better writer.

A big thank you to Gatling Gun Productions for the amazing book trailer! The cast and crew did a fantastic job – thank you everyone who was involved! (If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out on YouTube or my website!)

Thank you, Mum and Dad, for supporting every decision I’ve made (even the really bad ones!), and for letting me be that quirky, imaginative child who chased her dreams like a Disney princess.

Thank you, Ciaran, my little brother who now towers over me! Remember when I asked you to write the messages Danny shows Jordan so I could copy some of the spellings? Probably not – you were eight at the time! I’ve still got them though. And without getting too soppy (because I know you won’t thank me for that!) thank you for being the coolest, funniest, brother I could ask for.

Thank you, Aisleen, my sister, for reading every draft I threw at you and for bouncing ideas off me. Thank you, also, for all your help with the book trailer and, most importantly, thank you for sticking by my side. Through the ups and downs we’ve faced in life, we’ve always had each other’s backs! Without that friendship, this book wouldn’t exist.

I would also like to thank my editor, Martin Ouvry from Jericho, for ironing out the creases in my novel.

Thank you, Mark Bromley, for all your spiritual knowledge – something that has changed my life as much as this book.

Thank you Sophie Jarvis, Chloe Jarvis, James Eeling, Aisleen Hodges and Michael Webster for reading Killing a Dead Man before it was published.

Thank you everyone who follows me on social media – your support means so much to me!

A huge thanks to you, the reader, for giving this book a chance. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you thought of Killing a Dead Man, either through my website, on Facebook, or leave a review on Amazon. I’d love to hear from you!

And finally, Michael Webster, my partner and best friend and reason to smile. Thank you for believing in Killing a Dead Man and giving it the push it needed. Thank you also for editing the book trailer, creating my website and, of course, for the incredible book cover and layout! Needless to say, you are a talented graphic designer – but it is your strength, love and humour that anchors me. I love you.

The best part about being a writer is reading something back that you've written, grinning, and thinking 'Damn, did I write that?'

The worst part about being a writer is reading something back that you've written, grimacing, and thinking 'Damn, did I write that?'

Book Trailer – Killing a Dead Man


Directed by Siobhian R. Hodges
Screenplay by Siobhian R. Hodges, Aisleen Hodges
Based on the book “Killing a Dead Man” by Siobhian R. Hodges
Produced by Siobhian R. Hodges and Gatling Gun Productions
Edited by Michael Webster

Jordan Richardson (Age: 15) – James Eling
Jordan Richardson (Age: 10) – Joshua O’Reilly
Mr Butch/Taxi driver – Mike J Stevenson
Mum – Anna Geary
Dad – Kevin Greet
Danny Richardson (ghost boy 1) – Harrison Zamani
Melissa (ghost girl 1) – Caitlin Spencer
Ghost girl 2 – Serena Geary-Williams
Ghost girl 3 – Arenia Niven
Ghost girl 4 – Anaya Niven
Ghost boy 2 – Rocky Geary-Lewis
Memorial ghost – Charlie Stackhouse
Possessed man – Kevin Greet
Ghost with a noose – George Stackhouse
Pub man – Michael Webster
Strangled man (Iollan) – John Webster

Funeral Extras
Zoe Blinko, Beckie Cooper, Bertie Cross, Donna Cross, Rob Cross, Ciaran Hodges, Elyshia Mansfield, Kieran Pole, Georgina Pollard, George Stackhouse.

First Assistant Director Aisleen Hodges
Second Assistant Director Rebecca Williamson-Brown
Set Designer & Costume Design Rebecca Williamson-Brown
Casting Directors Aisleen Hodges, Siobhian R. Hodges, Michael Webster
Director of Photography
Aisleen Hodges
Camera Operator Aisleen Hodges
First Assistant Camera Rebecca Williamson-Brown
Sound Operators George Stackhouse. Rebecca Williamson-Brown
Boom Operator Ciaran Hodges

Sentimental Emotions (TheStoryShop)
Trailer Dramatic (cleanmindsounds)

Sound Mix by Charlie Stackhouse
Special Effects by Michael Webster

Special Thanks to
Gatling Gun Productions
Ibstock County Council (Permission to use Ibstock Cemetery)
Ryan Flamson (One Stop Shoe Repairs, Coalville)
Frazer Allen (Bloomin’ Marvellous, Shepshed)
Sharon Gudger (Taylors Florist, Barrow Upon Soar)
Bekki Hayes (The Pied Bull, Shepshed)
Roger Pheasant (Making the Cross)

Killing a Dead Man © 2019 Siobhian R. Hodges
All rights reserved.