Excellent paranormal mystery

A well-crafted mystery with compelling characters. I won’t get into details to avoid spoilers, but here are a few things I appreciated.

Angel Avenger by Tim Wickenden

Tim Wickenden’s Angel Avenger is a crime thriller novel that will keep you wanting to read on. Each chapter left me in suspense – I needed to find out what happened next!

Review by Tim Wickenden, Author of the Max Becker Berlin Thrillers

The story is compelling, easy reading, exciting, and although it is, in theory, aimed at young adults I’d say all those who like a good, fast-paced and unusual narrative would love reading it as much as I did, which was a lot!
I can see this on TV or film and I hope that the author is busy writing more, and is one to watch out for. Highly recommended and 5/5 stars.