‘Killing a Dead Man’ by Siobhian R. Hodges

Killing a Dead Man by Siobhian R. Hodges Author

Hi everyone! I’m Siobhian (yep, spelt with two “i”s!) – a Young Adult fiction writer based in Leicestershire UK, author of the supernatural thriller ‘Killing a Dead Man’ and upcoming anthology ‘Untitled Decade’.
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Excellent paranormal mystery

A well-crafted mystery with compelling characters. I won’t get into details to avoid spoilers, but here are a few things I appreciated.

Review by Tim Wickenden, Author of the Max Becker Berlin Thrillers

The story is compelling, easy reading, exciting, and although it is, in theory, aimed at young adults I’d say all those who like a good, fast-paced and unusual narrative would love reading it as much as I did, which was a lot!
I can see this on TV or film and I hope that the author is busy writing more, and is one to watch out for. Highly recommended and 5/5 stars.

Review by Cathi Rae of “Killing a Dead Man”

I wish this book had existed five years ago, when I spent my working days in a classroom with no windows and with a collection of teenage boys who were deemed, and in some cases actually were, too chaotic or troubled to manage in mainstream lessons.

Accomplished Debut Novel

“Killing a Dead Man” is rightly billed as a ‘supernatural thriller’ and though the author, Siobhian R. Hodges is a new talent, I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel. Ostensibly targeted at the YA readership, it can be tricky when shedding light on some challenging themes not to oversteer, but in her subtle use of light and shade, the author successfully navigates a course, which balances the best and worst of human traits.

Strong Debut Novel

Killing A Dead Man is Siobhian R. Hodges’ debut novel. It follows fifteen-year-old Jordan Richardson and the ghost of his brother, Danny, as they track down the murderer who had killed Danny five years earlier.