Angel Avenger by Tim Wickenden

Tim Wickenden’s Angel Avenger is a crime thriller novel that will keep you wanting to read on. Each chapter left me in suspense – I needed to find out what happened next!

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

– A Dystopian YA novel with themes similar to The Hunger Games –
2011 winner of the Costa book awards, Moira Young’s Blood Red Road is a highly rated dystopian novel – and I can see why.

Life in the Morgue by Lance Anderson

Life in the Morgue by Lance Anderson - Review by Siobhian R. Hodges

Lance Anderson’s Life in the Morgue had me hooked. I was routing for the protagonist, Greg Benson, from start to end, and finished the book wanting to know more.

U-10 by Sam B Miller

U-10 Sam B Miller II - Review by Siobhian R. Hodges

An action-packed Sci-fi – not a quiet moment.
As soon as we are introduced to Koritt – an insectoid alien who has been sent on an important mission – we are automatically intrigued as to what’s going to happen when he reaches planet Earth.

The Road of the Dead by Kevin Brooks

Kevin Brooks, author of the 2014 Carnegie Medal winner The Bunker Diary, is best known for writing gritty young adult novels with a strong sense of realism, and he does not fall short with The Road of the Dead.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

It doesn’t get much darker than a fourteen-year-old girl being raped and murdered, her body forever hidden in a sinkhole while she watches, from heaven, her family struggle to cope.